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The Miami Centennial Quilt is the result of the Centennial Quilt Project, a joint venture of the Historical Museum of Southern Florida and The Quilt Scene.

It started in the fall of 1995 with a series of lectures and workshops, after which quilters were invited to submit a quilt block that in some manner depicted the history of Miami. Fifty-two blocks were entered and judged by a panel consisting of a quilter, an art critic and curator, and a historian. Out of the fifty-two entries only thirty blocks could be included in the Miami Centennial Quilt. The result is a colorful document, one that reflects the very personal experiences of the quilters, and records their personal interpretations of the history of Miami, and preserves them for future generations.

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The Quilt Blocks:

  1. The Barefoot Mailman
  2. Alice Brickell
  3. Perrine Land Grant
  4. Old Fort Dallas
  5. Julia Tuttle's Orange Blossoms
  6. Biscayne Bay Yacht Club
  7. Miami Woman's Club
  8. George Merrick House
  9. Family With Stuffed Alligator
  10. The Egret: Ralph Munroe's Sailboat
  11. Coontie
  12. African-American Soldier in World War I
  13. Standing Watch Over the River of Grass
  14. Miami Shipbuilding Corporation
  15. The Alamo
  16. Orange Bowl
  17. The Coliseum
  18. The Pan Am Building
  19. Hialeah Race Track
  20. The Biltmore
  21. Miami International Airport
  22. Sun Sox at Miami Stadium, 1952
  23. Alligator Crossing
  24. Baptist Hospital
  25. Moon Over Miami
  26. Where We Come From
  27. Land of Liberty
  28. Impact
  29. Andrew
  30. From Wilderness to Metropolis

Historical Museum of Southern Florida

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