Historical Museum of Southern Florida

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Saturdays — Family Fun Days

Fall 2005
Saturdays 1-3 pm


Start off your weekend by joining the Historical Museum every Saturday for fun and unique family programming. Recreate South Florida and Caribbean history through interactive and imaginative activities including art, crafts, drama, tales and discoveries.

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October 29

Historical Haunting - Cancelled

Participate in a hunt with creepy crawly critters. Be spooked by history as scary stories from Florida's past come alive within the museum. Share your discoveries with your fact-finding counterparts and help unravel the past.

November 5

Beads On A String, What a Wonderful Thing

Create bead necklaces just like the Seminole Indians did. Give them meaning and bring them to life as we explore their symbolic power.


November 12

Straw Hats and Small Bonnets

Revisit the headdress of the pioneer's day as you design and make hats and bonnets with all the frills upon them.


November 19


Create colorful hand-cutout turkeys for this festive holiday as you discover a very different Thanksgiving through the eyes of early South Floridians.


December 3

Reenact The Past

Take your places, it's role-playing time! Dress up and act out various roles of early pioneer life in South Florida.



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