Historical Museum of Southern Florida

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Historical Museum of Southern Florida
101 West Flagler Street
Miami, Florida 33130

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Museum membership is $35 for individuals and $45 for families. Members are entitled to free admission to the museum's permanent and temporary exhibitions and most museum events. Members also receive discounts on museum programs, including the immensely popular Dr. Paul George walking tours. Membership also includes subscriptions to museum publications: Currents, a quarterly newsletter, South Florida History Magazine, a quarterly popular history magazine, and Tequesta, an annual scholarly journal.

Museum Store
The Historical Museum store, the Indies Company, offers a wide selection of books, jewelry, educational toys and gifts related to Florida history and the exhibitions. Museum members receive a discount.

The Tropical Pioneers (Tropees) offer fun with a slant on history in this museum support group. Cocktail meetings and special events are held throughout the year. Individual membership is $35, and couples/families is $50, with the same benefits of regular membership.



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